Pokemon X and Y Sylveon spotted in movie trailer

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2013

Earlier on this week we showed you a potential leaked Pokedex for upcoming 3DS game Pokemon X and Y. The leak gave away the entire list of new Pokemon that would be coming in the new game and now we have some more juicy information for you. A new Pokemon movie is due out, and a trailer unveiled this week teases one unseen Pokemon called Sylveon that will also be included in X and Y.

If you aren’t already aware, Sylveon is going to be a brand new evolution of Eevee, the famous Pokemon from the original games on the Gameboy. The Pokemon features in the latest trailer for the Pokemon movie titled Extremespeed Genesect Mewtwo’s Awakening (yes, really) and also shows off some of the other transformations of Eevee at the end which you’ll probably be a lot more familiar with.

When we told you about the leaked Pokedex list, a lot of Pokemon fans were saying it was fake information. However, it is worth pointing out that Sylveon is indeed included in the list of new Pokemon, so it may be worth checking it back again here – it could actually be a legit list of all the new X and Y additions.

At the moment, the abilities of Sylveon are still shrouded in mystery, with the Pokedex info beside Sylveon suggesting that the creature will be a normal type of Pokemon. The trailer above definitely builds up anticipation further though, so hopefully it won’t be too long until we see some X and Y gameplay showing the new evolutions.

How excited are you about Pokemon X and Y? Will you be watching the movie in July to get an early look at the new Pokemon that are coming?

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  • Karnivalfreak

    This all seems highly unlikely. First of all, this guy has not had any hard proof for himself. I’ll find out about the “pinsir and heracross pre-evos” in a few hours. I think that is highly likely that this XY, as he calls himself, is a hack looking for attention. I challenge this guy to provide some sort of legitimacy now. Where are you XY? Who are you?

  • flashmob23

    That was awesome! I wonder if sylveon will be a female evolved form of eevee its better than useing a moon stone or dawn stone or something like that.