PlayStation Plus continues to shine with March 2013 update

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2013

If you are not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, now may be the time to join as the premium service is really starting to shine with regards to the free content that Sony is offering each month for your subscription. The company has just confirmed the free PS3 and PS Vita games that will be coming in the March 2013 update, and just like last month – it’s another stellar lineup.

At the beginning of the PlayStation Plus journey, some gamers argued that the service wasn’t value for money. However, since Sony revamped their system to offer a free game collection each month, gamers seem to be very pleased indeed with the quality of games offered each month, since one or two titles are usually of very high standard.

Sleeping Dogs last month was a perfect example of this and you are going to be pleased with the selection for March as well. If you have a US subscription, we can tell you that the free PS3 gamers on offer are Spec Ops: The Line, Joe Danger: The Movie and The Cave. Spec Ops The Line has only just been released, so that is a great offer you have to say.

For EU gamers, the list is very good as well, with Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5 and Joe Danger: The Movie as the free PS3 games. The PS Plus subscription also includes free PS Vita games as well – US gamers will receive Disgaea 3 and Tekken 6 (PSP game), while EU PS Vita owners will get the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Puddle.

You really can’t complain about the selection this month, as we think Sony have done an excellent job. Just to remind you, PS Plus is available as a 90 day subscription for £11.99 / $17.99, or a 12 month subscription costing £39.99 / $49.99. A lot of gamers are already calling this the best PS Plus update yet and we think they may have a case.

As a subscriber, are you happy with the PS Plus service so far? For those that haven’t subscribed yet – are you tempted?

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  • RoadShow

    Outside of EU getting way better games for free I love PS+.

    I’ve averaged 2 high quality PS3 games a month since I joined last July. Then on top of that all the small games that I’ve gotten which is a huge plus for me because I would never have given them the time of day, yet they are some of the most fun games there are like Critter Crunch I got 80% off.

    The Cave is one I just got done buying for $15, it’s a new release and yet we get it for free! It’s a great family game.

    Plus all the PS vita games, I don’t even have a Vita yet and I already own 20+ games for it.

  • revelated

    Had it, let it lapse. Why? Because I think they should refresh the offerings MONTHLY. Not randomly.

    • Skwigle

      They add games every Tuesday…it’s not that random…

      • revelated

        They “add” garbage every Tuesday, yes. But they don’t REFRESH what’s there. Gravity Rush and Uncharted stayed up there for the whole 3 months I had it. What I expect is to see those games rotate – if someone missed them, too bad so sad. Get some new MAIN games up there.

  • upset ps plus user

    Thats stupid….. EU gets mass effect 3!!!? Why do they get the better game? Do they pay more for PS plus?

    • Agebeforebeauty

      Mass Effect 3 and Spec Ops The Line both released for the same price and I think Spec Ops is actually newer. However, I agree that ME3 is a better game. But ME2 is better than most new releases and retails for about $15 now – it’s more about age than quality unfortunately.

  • I joined last year on a whim and have been pleasantly surprised. I will be renewing my subscription.