Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes minus Snake actor fears

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2013

We have some interesting, but somewhat strange details to share with you now, with regards to the upcoming and highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes game. David Hayter, the renowned voice actor best known for playing the role of Solid Snake has suggested that he may not be lending his services for the upcoming game.

That is obviously a scenario that would be unheard of among fans, but just look at what the actor has posted on Twitter. He has revealed a series of polls, asking his followers how they would feel if he didn’t voice Snake in Ground Zeroes. Although his motives behind the surprising poll are unclear yet, he has revealed the results of the poll in a further Tweet.

He has said that 64% of 303 people surveyed (small number we know) would be sad/angry, 12% would not be bothered and the remaining 24% would not buy the game if he wasn’t in it. It’s interesting to note that in both Tweets he has highlighted the Twitter names of Hideo Kojima and Konami, so they see the action as well.

What has gone on here then? Are Konami seriously considering replacing Snake for the next game, or is it actually a ploy from David Hayter to get a contract signed early for financial reasons? Maybe he has decided that he needs a break from playing Snake and is just gaging the public’s reaction before making such a bold move.

Either way, fans are going to be very upset if he really is going to be absent from Ground Zeroes. Hopefully we’ll get a follow up to this story as it obviously is a bit worrying for die hard veterans of the franchise.

A Metal Gear Solid game without the real voice of Snake. Let us know what this would mean to you and whether you would still buy Ground Zeroes or not. It’s like Lou Ferrigno not voicing the Hulk.

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  • yinfed


  • timmothey

    Oh I see Kojima, Lets reinvent the series but instead of reinventing, actually lets just fire one guy. No HAYTER NO BUY

    • KojimaWHY

      This actually makes even less sense when you realize the JP voice actor is staying the same.

  • Lilothed

    Oh no! What a disaster. Well looks like MGS4 is the last Metal Gear Ill be buying. No Hayter, no buy

  • I have my complete trust and faith in Mr Kojima 🙂

  • Big boss can’t always be voiced by David Hayter. Big Boss’s voice on Mgs4 isn’t done by him. So there must be a time when his voice changes. Just look at Eva’s, her voice didn’t always sound the same.