iPhone 6 loyalty requires news of key features

By Peter Chubb - Mar 7, 2013

It’s almost certain that Apple will release an iPhone 5S later this year, so it is not worth going over what I would like to see, as it will just be a refresh. I for one will not be purchasing the next model because of falling into the trap of a minor refresh many times before. However, I will consider the iPhone 6 next year, but Apple cannot take it for granted that I like millions of others will automatically upgrade in 2014.

Over the years I have ungraded every time Apple offered a new iPhone variant, but after several issues with the iPhone 4/4S and even more with the iPhone 5, I am struggling to stay faithful. Let’s take the current iPhone 5 as a fine example, yes it was nice to have a larger screen, but still being the same width still comes with many issues while looking over websites and playing games.

Then there is the business with how easily the black color scratches, it’s like this is a sub-par handset and not the high quality that we expect from Apple. Don’t get me started on poor battery life, and while Apple would have you believe that it is an issue with iOS 7 we don’t buy that for one moment. The reason we say this is because battery life has always been the iPhones Achilles’ heel, and is something they have never been able to get on top of, in fact it has gotten worse.

So what iPhone 6 features would I like to see as a loyal Apple customer? Firstly a larger screen is a must, and while I would hate anything the size of the Note 2, a 4.5-inch display would be very welcome, but it would need to be wider as well in order to take full advantage of the many apps on the App Store, and also make it much easier when you need to check through emails and browse the web.

Also it is about time that we were offered an external storage option instead of having to pay a $100 in order to double the storage capacity. I also believe that Apple needs to move away from an all-metal casing, as it’s not as strong as previous models. Personally I much preferred the glass black of the 4/4S.

I do hope that Apple considers NFC because let’s face it, their Passbook app is pretty pointless, and what apps are available are limited in their numbers. I find it hard to understand why Apple are getting even more stubborn, we have seen a growing number of handsets come with Near Field Communication, and we have yet to see it on an iPhone. However, some people would suggest that NFC is still a gimmick and needs time to mature, which could be a reason why Apple has held off for now.

With Apple being all about one-step ahead of the rest (well back in the day) one would expect the iPhone 6 to come with biometric security, so by reading your fingerprint your phone will unlock. We cannot understand why Apple has taken so long to bring this to the iPhone, seeing as though they bought a company who specializes in the technology.

Another feature that would be cool is wireless charging; it would be an uncluttered solution that you would have assumed Apple would have already been using.

If we are to believe some of the latest iPhone 6 news then it will be the model that millions of iPhone owners have been waiting for. However, if they do not deliver this time then I am seriously considering jumping ship and getting the Galaxy S5 when it is released next year, or something similar. However, if the iPhone 6 features a design like this then I will beg Apple to take my money from me.

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  • Mike

    I phone 5 rocks buddy so take better care of the phone it will scratch less and battery life is better then the androids boy because at work they all have there phones plug in not me last all day. Never had a problem with the phone fast as hell even the maps were good travelled 4 thousand km with the maps and not one lick of trouble apple brings stuff out when things are 100% right that’s why we wait for these things to get on the phones and does apple need to come out with two phones maybe yes but who knows what they will do either way you get a great phone from them with less trouble then the rest

  • Danny Dodge

    It will probably “suck” (comparatively when you look at expectations and competition) but I hope it won’t.

  • Herve Shango

    very nice concept i am looking forward to this great devices