Battlefield 4 Dinosaur mode theories after End Game tease

It looks like DICE are still up to their old tricks, as yet more dinosaur easter eggs have been located in Battlefield 3, this time within the new End Game DLC expansion that has just been released for PS3 premium members. Since End Game is the last content for Battlefield 3, there are no chances of a dinosaur mode appearing in the game, but that doesn’t rule it out from transferring over to Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 is due out sometime in 2014 of course, with EA already confirming that the game is being developed for a release on next-generation consoles. These dinosaur rumors have been associated with Battlefield 3 since the game was released, with sneaky teases on frequent occasions trying to send speculation into overdrive.

At one point, it looked like a dinosaur mode was definitely coming to Battlefield 3 after a social challenge on Twitter was achieved. However, it still hasn’t happened on the game, but then again DICE are still teasing gamers with the latest dinosaur easter eggs on End Game.

The next time you set foot on the new Nebandan Flats map, you may want to take your time to discover it a bit more. That’s because a dinosaur skull has been hidden on the map in the desert and that is not the only easter egg in the map. In the skies, a flying Pterodactyl has also been spotted as you’ll see in the useful clip above.

Two massive hints of dinosaurs again there from DICE, so something must still be in the pipeline surely? If we were to guess, dinosaur mode is now coming to Battlefield 4 instead and this is just a little message from DICE to get everyone re-interested about what is to come next year.

Let us know if you have spotted any other easter eggs in the new End Game pack, and if you have any theories on a dinosaur mode for next-gen Battlefield 4.



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