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Sonic Dash is 2013 Temple Run adversary

For the past year and half one of the most popular games on the App Store has been Temple Run, and at the beginning of this year the sequel was launched. This new kind of game proved very popular and as such spawned a host of clones, although none of them were able to match the original.

However, a new game is due out, which could end up being Temple Run for 2013, and that is Sonic Dash. The hedgehog is known for running fast, so makes sense to convert this franchise into a never-ending runner.

We are uncertain as to the release date of the Sonic Dash game for iOS devices, but according to a recently deleted tweet it could be from midnight, which would make it a March 7 release, although there is no date for an Android release. The price is expected to be $1.99 for the US and £1.49 for the UK market.

Because Sonic Dash is already available in New Zealand right now, it’s only a matter of time before the other main markets are able to download the game onto their iOS devices, which is why midnight is our best bet of when you will be able to get the app for yourself.

While it’s obvious that some people will say that Sonic Dash is a little like Temple Run, it’s worth noting that our blue hero was doing it long before Imangi Studios brought out their gaming app. Below you will see around 13 minutes of in-game footage from Sonic Dash.



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