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Nikon D7100 review to justify purchase over D600

If you are in the market for a new camera and have already concluded that you want a Nikon then that’s half the battle won. However, things are never simple because there is still a huge choice of cameras to choose from, but let’s say that you have decided on the Nikon D7100 or the D600, you will need to consider so many factors.

We have already worked out that the D7100 features are far better; although we have to point out that the image quality is better on the D600. Now most of us would go with the D600 because the final quality of the image is always one of the major factors when choosing a camera.

However, those of you with some understanding of all the many settings of a DSLR will appreciate more features to play with.

Before you do make up your mind there is an informative review of the D7100 HERE, which compares the Nikon D7100 to the D600. The first thing you need to do is forget about the price difference between the two and look over and understand the main specs, it’s only then that you should begin to draw your own conclusions as to which camera is for you.

To help you a little more we have a video review of the D7100 against several other Nikon models, but what we are really waiting on is a comparisons of the D7100 and the D7000.



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