New Ferrari cars with mini iPad integration

The biggest news at the Geneva Motor Show was the unveiling of the LaFerrari, which we will look at later today. However, that was not all what the Prancing Horse wanted to share, as we are now hearing that certain new Ferrari cars will have iPad mini integration.

Apple and Ferrari already have a good partnership with each other, so this just helps to strengthen the bond. The mini version of the iPad will be placed on the rear of the front seat inside the interior of the FF, which will allow passengers in the rear of the car to have even more entertainment at their fingers.

As yet not much more is known about this deal because Bloomberg has limited information at this time, although we do wonder if there will be a price increase for the Ferrari FF because of the inclusion of these small tablets?

However, we can tell you that as part of this new in-car entertainment there will also be Siri integration, but we are uncertain as to what functions this voice activation will offer the FF driver and its passengers.

No doubt Apple haters will be out in force to say that this is such a terrible idea and even suggest that it will have a negative effect on the image of Ferrari. The Italian company made their choice not to go with Android for a reason, so we should just respect them for it, and let’s face it, when are most of us ever likely to have a Ferrari anyway?



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