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LG Optimus G Pro protective Quick Cover cases

When LG unveiled the Optimus G Pro to the world last month some of us could not believe how similar it was to the Galaxy Note 2. Well that similarity has taken another twist because the phone maker has released the Quick Cover, which is pretty similar to Apple’s Smart Cover.

Okay, so we know that imitation is a form of flattery but this is taking things a little too far, although the BlackBerry Z10 also has a similar case and this BB10 handset is comparable to the iPhone 5 in looks as well.

These new cases come in a variety of colors, which you can see in the video below and we have to say it not only gives the LG Optimus G Pro a lift in the color department, it also protects the screen while hardly adding any weight to the device.

The only downside that we can see with this latest Optimus G Pro accessory is the fact that there is no release date for the US or Europe, because it is only available in South Korea for now. The prices for these covers are $36 for a pattern or $40 for a solid color (in US dollars).

We’ve heard in the past that this handset also looks similar to the Galaxy S3, and there have even been suggestions that Samsung should do something about it. However, the current lawsuit trend is doing more damage than good, but would you agree?



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