Instagram Windows Phone testing a blow for BB10

By Peter Chubb - Mar 6, 2013

Having already seen rumors that Instagram could be coming to Windows Phone because the icon was seen on a Nokia Lumia 620 banner, this led to speculation that this was just a clever piece of Photoshop work. However, more fuel has been added to this rumor since there are now reports that the social photo-sharing app is in testing for WP devices.

If we are to believe this latest piece of news then Instagram for Windows Phone might very well exist and if it does, then it is a kick in the teeth for BlackBerry 10.

It has already been reported that Instagram will not be made available for BB10 devices, and although this will not be enough to put people off purchasing the Z10, it will make them stop and think what else they will miss out on in the future.

Knowing that Windows Phone handsets could soon get Instagram because we are told that the app is in testing, this will surely be a boost for the platform, which as we know is still struggling to hold onto the coat tails of Android and iOS.

Let’s say that this news is the real deal, then we can also tell you that Instagram for Windows Phone 8 (not 7.8) could offer a special edition filter, although we have no idea what this filter would be.

Update: Thanks to our readers who informed us that there is in fact Instagram for BlackBerry 10 devices, but as yet this is not an official version and only a port for now.

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  • TheOnlyPeej

    You need to do better research. Instagram IS coming to Blackberry 10, in a few weeks. It will not be a native BB10 App, it will be an Android Port. However, it will be available in Blackberry World, and it will work on the Z10 just fine. To say Instagram will not be available for BB10 devices is factually incorrect, and misleading. Cheers.

    • But i think the app for Windows Phone 8 will be much better than for bb10 :):)

      • TheOnlyPeej

        I couldn’t say, haven’t tried either version. But if it’s a native Instagram app for Windows phone I’m sure it will be great. I don’t have a Windows 8 phone, but I have Windows 8 on my desktop. I’m not here to put down Windows phone users, just wanted to correct the author of the article about being… well, wrong frankly, that Instagram will not be available on Blackberry 10 devices. It will according to Instagram, and all indications are that it will be a port of their Android app, just wanted to be clear. That’s all, I’m happy for Windows, Android and Apple users that are happy with their phones. Cheers.

        • Yeah that’s right i use both devices windows 8 and windows phone 8 and its a special and great combination for a private user :):)

        • TheOnlyPeej

          Sounds good, Fatos, glad you’re enjoying the phone! 🙂 I hope Instagram comes to Windows 8 phone sooner than later. All the best.

  • lol, i already have it on my Z10 and it’s about to be released in the Blackberry market

  • winsor

    this is a reality, I work there, its almost ready but top secret,