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AT&T prolongs BlackBerry Z10 US release confusion

If you live in the UK then some of you would have been enjoying the BlackBerry Z10 already, which we know has seen record sales for the company. However, for the US it is still a waiting game, but not for long because it seems as though the AT&T version will be released on March 15.

This latest report has made the US release for the Z10 a little more confusing because we had assumed that T-Mobile were going to be the first on March 27, so which of the two news reports should we believe? However, we have to admit that the BB10 handset would do very well to launch in the middle of March rather than towards the end because it is the build up to the Easter holidays.

Is it important who rolls out the BlackBerry Z10 first? Personally we believe that it does not matter if it is AT&T or T-Mobile who releases the Z10 first, although we do know that the latter will have a white option. However, it’s no secret that Verizon would have been far better to release their version of the Z10 before T-Mobile because of the much larger customer base.

Sprint has said that they do not intend to offer the Z10 to their customers, which is a blow because BlackBerry needs as big an install base as possible, although some consumers and business users will say that this is not a big deal, but would you agree?

We have to wonder how much these US carriers will charge for the BlackBerry Z10, because we have already seen the UK cut the price of this BB10 handset? However, let us hope that BlackBerry has been able to rectify some of the issues with their latest smartphone because we have already seen an issue with the SIM raise its ugly head.



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