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Wii U price cut wars start in UK

We have some good news for those of you who are planning to pick up a Nintendo Wii U console over the coming months. Nintendo may have not announced any official price cuts as of yet, but we can tell you that some retailers, or in this case supermarkets are already starting to take matters into their own hands.

Sensing that interest may be starting to decrease, UK supermarket ASDA has taken it upon themselves to present a rather generous offer on Nintendo’s new console. If you head to a nearest store, or visit ASDA Direct online, you’ll be greeted with £50 discounts on both the Deluxe and Basic versions of the console.

That means that the 32GB Deluxe version can now be yours for £249.99 instead of £299.99, with the Basic version also having a great price of £199.99, instead of the usual retail price of £249.99. Don’t forget that the Deluxe model also comes with a copy of Nintendo Land for free, so you have to say that this is a fantastic deal that has literally come out of nowhere.

Will this now pave the way for other retailers to follow suit to match ASDA’s cheaper prices to stay competitive? So far, Amazon UK has yet to budge, as their prices haven’t been adjusted to match ASDA just yet. Having said that,’s prices are not too far off, so we have a feeling that prices may get even lower as we progress through the year.

Where do you stand on the Wii U at the moment? Having seen the arrival of the PS4 and certain third-party games slipping away from Nintendo’s console, do you still think the appeal is there or not?



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