Skyrim 1.9 update brings Legendary bug fixes to PC, consoles

We have some fantastic news for Skyrim fans now, as Bethesda has just finalized details of the highly anticipated 1.9 update for Skyrim. If you play on PC, you can opt into the beta now and get a preview of what is coming, but for everyone else – the 1.9 update has now been confirmed for a full release on both PC and console before the end of March.

It looks like Bethesda has really spent some time with this particular update as well, since the list of bug changes are massive and sure to put a smile on those who have been encountering pesky bugs that prevent them from playing. We can tell you that in this update, players will be able to benefit from no fewer than 73 bug fixes that attempt to improve the overall game performance, while finally fixing a few specific bugs that have been lingering around for months.

Aside from the massive bug fixes in the 1.9 update, Bethesda are also adding a new feature called Legendary. This will bring two major new features to the game – the first is a Legendary difficulty game setting, while the other is Legendary skills which will now be possible for players that have level 100 skills.

By doing this, you will set your skills back to level 15 and lose the perks, but effectively remove the overall level cap from that point onwards and be able to start again. It sounds a bit confusing, but should become clearer once the new update rolls out to everyone.

If you are interested in participating in the 1.9 beta, you can simply head to your Skyrim properties on Steam and opt in using the beta tab. Head to the official BethBlog to read through the entire list of bug fixes that are coming at the end of the month. Let us know if it solves the problems you have been having with the game, or if Bethesda have missed out a specific bug that you need fixing.



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