GTA V fan heads to LA after release date woes

Seeing a Grand Theft Auto V fan get creative while waiting for the release date to arrive isn’t something new, and in fact we’ve seen a number of fans create some cool videos before. That’s why the video above hasn’t surprised us and might interest some of our readers that love GTA V and want some extra insight into the real world locations compared to recent screenshots.

The video had been created by one fan that went to Los Angeles to try and match up real life locations with the recent GTA V screenshots. The video runs for just under 5 minutes and puts the screenshots side-by-side with what should be the real life location.


We have to admit LA is a really nice place with some great locations, although when the video creator stood outside the FBI building his photos could have attracted the wrong sort of attention. The golf course wasn’t that easy to find although the screenshot seen below is pretty spot-on in our opinion, so we expect it is the same.


This video launched on YouTube within the last week, so you might have seen it already, although we’d still love to hear your thoughts about the locations in the comments. Will you be playing Watch Dogs before GTA 5 arrives this fall, or are you waiting for the best open-world game? Have you now accepted the GTA 5 release date setback?



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