Sony PS4 game price fears for UK

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2013

Are you excited about the upcoming PS4 yet? Sony hasn’t committed to an official release date yet, but they have said at least that the PS4 will be arriving during the 2013 Holiday period in the US. Another crucial piece of information that we haven’t heard about yet is pricing, but retailers in the UK are already starting to have their say on individual game prices.

While the debate seems to be ongoing as to how much Sony’s PS4 console will end up costing, we haven’t really had too much discussion on whether Sony will choose to raise the price of software titles to coincide with the bump up to next-gen visuals.

Jack Tretton recently hinted that PS4 games will be costing anything from free up to $0.99 and $60, but nothing is concrete yet with a launch date still to be finalized before the Holiday 2013 launch. It goes without saying that keeping the current PS3 pricing for PS4 would be a great move, but we have recently seen some retailer movement in the UK, which suggests that this may not be the case.

Popular retailer The Hut are already showing some pre-order prices for PS4 titles such as inFAMOUS Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Instead of having full retail pricing of £50 though, The Hut has priced both titles at a whopping £70. The same price also relates to Destiny, Diablo 3 and Knack, although the retailer is carrying an incentive at the moment in which prices will be lowered if found cheaper elsewhere.

They have also put a £400 price tag on the PS4 console, which roughly translates to around $600 just to give you an idea. These are obviously very high prices for the new software and hardware, but how much substance do they have? It’s important to note that Sony has yet to set any official pricing, and we see retailers often give early, but incorrect pricing all the time.

£70 for every game though and £400 for the console – these are prices which you definitely would not pay, are we right?

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  • Jason

    On amazon they have games like watch dogs for $100 for the ps4

  • Pete

    everywhere i’ve seen them priced so far has the console ar £399.99 and games around £49.95

  • reduce the price of current consoles and software by a substantial margin. Then bringing it closer to current retail market price will be absolutely fine.

  • They are placeholders how can the retail set their own prices before sony has said anything and I’ve seen prices like this on zavi and the hut but who buys games from there, if GAME and amazon don’t know the prices and have set deposit on thier pre-orders i doubt that smaller outlets will know the prices before anyone else

  • Kierzosbc

    When asked by a friend what I thought of Uncharted 2 a few years back… I said “if I knew how good it was before buying it I’d have happily paid double”

    That said…I would not be happy paying mor than I already do for ALL games. Some of the AAA titles could just about justify it i.e. GTA, Skyrim etc but if I were to go out, pay 70 quid and get home to find Assassin’s Creed 3…I’d be in a mood not far from murderous!!

  • Laurence Smith

    When the original Infamous and many games that come out are $70 at launch but 70 pounds? thats a bit of a reach its too early to tell the games aren’t even really ready for pre-order soo

  • lol…that is retarded!
    how can they sell those games for £70!? that should mean US will be selling their own $90.

    people can barely afford new games, reason why people go for used.
    and these people are planning to raise the price to £70, yet they complain about Used hurting sales!

    Suppose you pay £70 for the game, what’s in it? amazing games are only Single Player only and no content unlocks, co-op or multiplayer. We have many half assed games still being released.
    not to mention DLCs that are rip offs.

  • jack

    They have already said long before this article that game prices will stay the same. If you plan on making a article at least you can do is actually do some research into said topic.

  • Brian

    Don’t believe those numbers. At least wait until Sony announces their prices before you panic.

  • Sony isn’t a magical company. They’re chucking in last minute 8 GB DDR5 (up from 4 GB). Running brand new controllers with capacitive touch pads, and games with 50GBs of data build. Sony can claim it will be cheap, but they can’t afford a PS3 fiasco again. Easy for journalists to constantly mark how intelligent price drops are, and how every piece of kit would do just great to give handouts to consumers. But in this new bottom end market, PS4 is gonna cost hard cash to own. Either Sony will pay, or the consumers will. PS4 has been hailed the ultimate system while its still partly a mythical machine. Sooner or later it will have to face the reality of the economy and its still very powerful competitors.
    From a hardware sales standpoint and from a financial stand point, even PS3 has only barely just caught up

    • Jason

      PS3 hasn’t broken even. It’s a $5 Billion mistake for Sony. The PS4 will be Sony’s downfall. MS will undercut Sony’s price by a mile and make it an impossible to win pricewar for Sony, which will cost them the company.

      • This is too early to say because the downfall can be for MS as their Windows 8 market hasn’t been going fine. This after all those HD-DVD discontinuing, RROD induced hardware failures, Zune format failure. Get your facts straight. The PS division is the only segment that is making profits for Sony and it’s wholly attributed to PSN digital content downloads and PS3 selling at a profit by leading in world-wide sales. What more do you need? MS is actually having an uphill battle none the less if they are releasing a console to compete with PS4.

    • Pete

      “From a hardware sales standpoint … even PS3 has only barely just caught up” – Really? They caught up a LONG time ago…The 360 has been on sale for a year longer than the PS3 and the PS3 has only sold 1.3million less units than the 360. When you take into account those sales include all the people buying another 360 due to the RRoD issue and the fact that both consoles sell on average 10.5million units per year the PS3 has been far more sucessful than people realise.

  • Davedogguk1

    I cant say I find it that surprising yes most retailers sell a new release game at around the £40 mark the rrp is just shy of £50, of course that goes out of the window with C.O.D which has an rrp of £55 so it’s really not that shocking back in the days of the N64 £70 was not unheard of and going back to the days of the Atari/colecovision the price for a top end game was £35 and that was the late 70’s when £35 was roughly a weeks wages


    It’s more than likely just a guess. It does say that if they are cheaper when released then the lowest price will be charged. They more than likely put £70 because they currently have no idea how much they’ll be so instead of taking a guess at around £40/£50 and risking having to possibly increase the price when they’re released they’ve put a higher price than what they should actually cost so they can lower the price. No one likes to pay more than expected but everybody loves to pay less than expected.

  • blah

    400 for the console isn’t a surprise. 70 for a game would be suicide. I doubt they would be stupid enough to charge that for a game.

    Though even now they cost far to much and they wonder WHY people pirate games when given the opportunity?

    • Richy

      Sony’s stupider than any other company in the world. It’s going to happen, just you wait.

      • hesoyamdonMonster

        Sony; just told in recent interview that game will cost from .99c to $60. The games wont cost more than $60 FOR SURE

      • BritishAssassin

        Dude, this is just 1 retailer. Sony said .99c to $60.
        We’ll see what the cost of a game really is near E3 or Gamescom.
        EA takes the title of stupidest company in the world.

    • Josh Gordon

      Are people really that stupid to believe that next gen games will be 30 pound higher then the originals. Dont be silly people

  • shane

    i wont be paying 70 pound for a game i dont care how good it may be. the most i pay for a ps3 game is 30 pound and that takes the effort to save.

  • Games will cost 60 dollars (39 pounds) in the US and 70 pounds here in the UK (105 dollars). Holy Crap! How can they justify such a massive price difference between the US & UK pricing?!!