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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shares iPhone bug, update needed

Earlier last month a new bug was found in iOS 6.1.1 that saw people being able to hack their way into an iPhone 5, even though they had a passcode set up. We had assumed that iOS 6.1.2 would rectify this issue but looks as though we will need to wait until 6.1.3 is released instead.

You may wonder why we are bringing this problem up again; well it seems as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is suffering from a similar bug, although not as bad. The security flaw is on models running Android 4.1.2 and if you look at the video below you get to see how serious this problem can be.

The homescreen can be accessed while locked for a split second, but you will see that is all it takes to get into an app that has direct dial access, which will allow you to call someone. It’s clear to see that this is not as much of an issue as the one affecting the iPhone 5, but it is still a worrying security vulnerability.

It’s not just calls that a hacker would be able to make becasue it’s also reported that these unscrupulous individuals could also gain access to other areas of your phone that can be launched directly with an app. As yet Samsung has not commented on this problem, but if it is widespread then surely they will need to rush an update pretty soon?

We are sure that there will be plenty of people who say that this is the sort of thing that can happen when you are dealing with Android, which is not as secure as iOS. However, as we said above the iPhone 5 has a similar problem, which as you know has yet to be resolved, although I have been unable to replicate this myself.



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