Pokemon X and Y Pokedex claim shows legendaries, evolutions

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2013

We have some potentially exciting news to bring to those who are planning to pick up the next entry in the successful Pokemon series of games. Pokemon X and Y is on the way to the 3DS later this year and now we could have a full leaked Pokedex list to share with you, revealing the names and numbers of all of the new Pokemon that will be arriving with the game.

This could be a very big deal for the Pokemon fanatics out there. The Pokedex is considered the Holy Bible for those that have played every game to date and an honorable reading companion for the times when you are trying to study a particular Pokemon and their unique set of abilities.

Pokemon X and Y is not due out until October this year, but this website claims to have been provided the information by a past Pokemon leaker known as ‘Mr XY’. An image shows all 98 Pokemon that are apparently coming with X and Y, including the names of each and what ability class they belong to as well.

For example we see the three starter Pokemon already identified as number 650 Chespin, number 653 Fennekin and number 656 Froakie. If you take a look at the image, you’ll see their rumored evolutions as well, thought to be Gyrove, Fennerva and Bubbaboom respectively. There is also a listing for the two of the legendary Pokemon as well – number 743 Xerneas and number 744 Yveltal.

It goes without saying that this is unofficial information, so you should obviously treat the image with a large pinch of salt until we get further confirmation. It is looking promising though and it would seem a waste of time to go to such lengths just to create a fake image.

What are your thoughts on the 98 Pokemon revealed in this list, and their supposed evolutions? Take a look at the Pokemon X and Y leaked Pokedex here and give us your thoughts on it.

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  • Metafalls

    >screencap of /vp/
    i wouldn’t believe it if i were you…

  • Tyler Goulston

    Based on names and types, here are my predictions (if this info is legit):

    666 Skarmish = Skarmory pre-evo
    672 Scimincer = Scyther pre-evo
    679 Flyby’nyte = Noctowl evo
    682 Houndoomed = Houndoom evo
    683 Bomble = male Combee evo
    692 Koalossus = Torkoal evo
    694 Eyedol = Claydol evo
    695 Kachapi = new Pikachu knockoff
    706 Fantalis = Jynx evo
    707 Sabullion = Sableye evo
    708 and 709 Throwem and Sawkem = Throw and Sawk evos
    710 Lapier = Lapras pre-evo
    725 Yamazuna = Hariyama evo
    729 Banacopia = Tropius evo
    730 Herbud = Tropius pre-evo
    733 Fugills = Qwilfish evo
    734 Snomanitan = alternate Darumaka evo
    735 Guardion = Druddigon evo
    736 Mirrong = Bronzong evo

  • Sierra

    Some of the pokemon types just don’t seem to be legit. Almost the entire pokedex is dual types, which I can’t see them doing. Only time will tell I suppose (PLEASE let sylveon be flying type!)

  • Eeveefan

    Nooooooooooooo it says sylveon is normal D:

  • AJ

    When are they going to show the REST of….Generation 6? (Holy Arceus, I feel old. [It] seems like only yesterday I got my first Pokemon Blue game.)

  • daramfan

    Two names that are right next to eachother sound offly close to pinser and heracross

  • SceptileMaster

    hope its real, because it looks great. still i want too see them and get maybe even more to spend more time getting them all big and strong.