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Nexus 7 2, wish list for 2nd-gen features

Google I/O is said to be May 15-17, 2013 and there are already some great expectations for this event, not only for the much rumored Google X Phone from Motorola, but also the Nexus 7 2, and this device is only a rumor for now. However, this has not stopped those with the current version sharing their wish list of what features they would like to see in the release of the 2nd-gen model.

It’s still not known if Google and ASUS will introduce a new model at the event, but if we are to believe the rumors then there is a good chance. Because we assume that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will see its debut at Google I/O it’s possible that the Nexus 7 sequel will get the new version of the mobile OS, which could make it the first Android tablet to do so. We also expect the Google X Phone to be the first smartphone to sport Key Lime Pie as well.

Many owners of the current Nexus 7 have already been asked this question, but as we assume the unveil is pretty close it makes sense to see if peoples needs have changed over the months.

Many of our readers have already told us that they would love to see a 64GB nexus 7 2nd-generation model and an improved display, which makes sense considering the iPad mini 2 is expected to get an upgrade to its screen as well.

Front-facing camera is a little poor so could do with a higher rated one, as well as having a rear-facing camera as well. A microSD card slot would be very welcome, as would an improved battery and also better overall build quality.

It’s safe to say that we will see a new version of the Nexus 7 later this year, but do you think that these needed upgrades will have an effect on its price, or will Google try to keep the new model at the current price?



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