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iWatch could compel early iPhone 5S release

Rumors of Apple producing an iWatch have been pretty convincing ever since we were informed that the company has a team of 100 personnel working on the new device. However, as yet we had no timescale in regards to a release date, that is until now.

If we are to believe the latest rumor then the iWatch could be with us by the end of the year, but if this were the case then one has to wonder if this could compel an early iPhone 5S release? While an expected release as early as March is highly unlikely we had assumed that September was still the preferred launch window for the next iPhone.

However. If Apple were to release an iWatch (complete with Siri) device before the end of the year, surely they would not want to release it too close to the next iPhone? As we said above the smart money would be for Apple’s new smartphone to be released in September, but a July release is not that far fetched either becasue Apple would not want these two products to clash with each other.

Going back to the iWatch itself, there is news that this device could run a full version of iOS and has been causing several battery issues – so it’s not just the iPhone that suffers this issue then. This comes as no surprise to us when you consider that the iWatch is rumored to have all the functions as the iPhone, which is further proof that battery technology needs to change.

Advancements in battery technology seems to be moving at a snails pace when compared to smartphones themselves. However, if some recent advancements pan out we could see users charging a handset within 5 seconds. To learn more on this then you need to watch the video below, but let’s hope that this is not another one of those ideas that gets forgotten about.



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