BlackBerry 10 update adds new features, Whatsapp

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2013

BlackBerry 10 handsets may not be available in the US yet, but we have some great news for consumers looking to pick up the Z10 when it finally does reach Stateside. The new operating system is available for buyers in Europe and we’re pleased to say that the BlackBerry team have just released their very first major software update for BlackBerry 10, adding five notable new features and improvements for those with a handset.

If you have the BlackBerry Z10 now, you may have already had a notification to download the first software update OTA. The new version will bring your device to BlackBerry, although BlackBerry recommends users to install using a WiFi connection as the update is a rather sizable 150MB.

If you haven’t had a notification, you can alternatively head into your device settings, then software updates section to attempt to push the update manually. BlackBerry has said that while the update is available now, carrier rollouts will be happening in phases so don’t panic if you don’t have it yet.

The five main updates included involve battery life, the camera, browser and media, phone, calendar and contacts, and finally third-party app performance. Over on the BlackBerry Blog you’ll find a detailed guide on what changes have been made, such as a new optimized camera for taking better pictures in low-light situations.

You’ll also be delighted to hear that Whatsapp is also confirmed for a release sometime in March – nothing on other popular apps such as Spotify yet. BlackBerry also mentions around 60 battery life improvements to BlackBerry 10, so it’s a nice update all around that current users should appreciate.

Everyone loves software updates don’t they? Let’s hope that BlackBerry makes it a regular trend after listening to the community. If you have installed this update already, let us know what performance is like for you at the moment. Are you a happy BlackBerry 10 customer?

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  • marmar

    ok there haters. the phone is amazing. you dont even need the email icon u just got straight to hub and its alllll there so really thats a lame comment. also for contacts its one small glitch which once u get over the whole adding contacts thing (i did it through bluetooth) you dont have any problems. and really? thats your only complaint and with that u tell people not to buy the phone?? LOL

    • Rabid Rotty

      I tell people not to buy the phone for the simple reason that it costs way more than it’s worth. That and realistically and unfortunately in about 2 years blackberry will become another Nortel.

  • nnembu

    I have had a bad experience with the phone and will not advise anyone to purchase it. They ignored basic functionality some examples are: no email icon, didnt improve on the battery life which has been a problem for blackberry phones, transferring contacts from your blackberry phone is a nightmare, if you manage to do it you will have duplicated contacts( 3X). In summary instead of improving the problems of the previous models they just made a brand new phone with a new set of problems. Terrible!!!!

    • Rabid Rotty

      A friend of mine has it as well and sure enough, no email icon, and syncing contacts, what a joke we spent three hours trying to clean things up. Finally she had enough and returned it.

      • marmar

        u must be techonologically retarded if it took your 3 hours to fix that… maybe staying away from phones is the best thing you can do.

        • Rabid Rotty

          I would rather be technologically retarded than being a doe eyed jizz gargling Nancy with the name marmar. Crash any planes into buildings lately?

        • marmar

          ok there crazy i dont know what doe eyed jizz gargling Nancy is… but okkk. as for the name my name is marcela i just didnt want to put it there…you’re pretty racist btw. and im a girl and thats pretty sad for u hun that a girl figured out a phone and you didnt. but really its ok dont beat urself over it too much.

        • Rabid Rotty

          Not beating myself up. I happen to know and respect many geek chicks. Racist no. Shock value yes. Google marmar and u will see how I got my conclusion. Also it wasn’t the synq process that took 3 hours it was going through the idiotic triplecates the synq generated. But cheers

        • Guest

          It took me 15 mins to sync contacts and emails, OS is great and emails are embedded into the hub. You are an absolute moron to have not figured out the unique specialty of BB10. Absolute idiot.

        • Ricky Monkey

          It took me 15 mins to sync contacts and emails, OS is great and emails
          are embedded into the hub. You are an absolute moron to have not figured
          out the unique specialty of BB10. Absolute idiot of the highest order.