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4K movie downloads on PS4 with memory uncertainty

While Sony certainly impressed with their PS4 reveal on February 20, one prior rumor that didn’t come to light was the possibility of the PS4 being able to support 4K resolution gaming. This feature won’t be available on the new hardware, but it has been confirmed that the system will support 4K movies with Sony’s upcoming download service.

If you watched coverage of CES 2013, you would have seen Sony debut the world’s first 56-inch 4K OLED television. As glamorous as that sounds, there’s still no indication of when this will be out, or indeed when Sony plans to debut their 4K movie service which will coincide with the rollout of capable TV sets.

Whatever happens, it is going to be an expensive proposition nevertheless, but also very demanding in terms of internet bandwidth and storage requirements. 4K movies are going to offer an unprecedented resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, compared to today’s standard of 1080p – a significant improvement to say the least.

The big news is that consumers looking to fork out on a PS4 console will also be in line for a slice of the 4K pie, but only via movie downloads. The problem here is that these movies are reportedly going to come in at at estimated 100GB per download, meaning that PS4 users are going to be severely buckled on say a 300GB console with space for only three movies and little else for gaming purposes.

Sony are obviously aware of these problems though and are likely researching ways on how they can compress the 4K movie files into a more reasonable size to accomodate PS4 users. We have seen some of the exciting gaming capabilities of the new system, but the addition of 4K movie playback would be a great addition to the main core features.

Overnight downloads could be one temporary solution, but still waiting eight to ten hours for a single movie is going to be a painful experience for many on below-par internet speeds. Let us know your initial impressions on 4K movies, and if you would be interested in subscribing to a movie package on the PS4.



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