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Sony NEX-3N and A58 visual review of specs

Whenever you ask someone what camera they would want, more often than not Nikon and Canon are mentioned the most. When it comes to Sony, they hardly get a mention, which seems a shame because they do make pretty decent cameras. The new NEX-3N and A58 are a fine example of this, and the best part is these are entry-level models.

The Sony Alpha NEX-3N ILC and A58 SLT DSLR price are $500 and $600 respectively, which is pretty cheap for the latter model when you consider that the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D entry-level models cost quite a bit more, although those models do have far more to offer when looking over this video review.

For those who are undecided if they should go for the NEX-3N or A58, then the video review above should help make you decide. In the video we get to see just what these two models are all about, as well as the new lenses to go with them, as the NEX-3N also allows for interchangeable lenses and has the same sensor size as most Sony SLRs.

Sony NEX-3N and A58 performance review

While many of the NEX-3N features seem the same on paper compared to it predecessor, the brains have been upgraded, which allows for a smaller camera body.

As for the A58, there are a huge number of improvements over this model when compared to the A57, such as the 20.1-megapixel sensor. There’s also some technology borrowed from the A99, so you will get a lot less noise reduction for a start.

While we would love to go over all the new features of these cameras, we feel it would be far better for you to watch the video review above.



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