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Battlefield 3 End Game gameplay shows new maps

We have some good news for Battlefield 3 players now, especially for those with a Premium account and the PS3 version. EA has finally revealed the last DLC expansion pack before Battlefield 4, with End Game due to release first on PS3 at some point next month.

A premiere trailer has now been released for End Game, providing the very first solid gameplay on the new maps, also confirming that four new maps are on the way and another confirmation that dirt bikes will be added to the vehicle list. As revealed in the video, the four End Game maps will be Kiasar Railroad, Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats and Sabalan Pipeline.

Each map is set in a different environment, with Sabalan Pipeline offering players another snow-themed map which should please a lot of you. Aside from the addition of dirt bikes, there’s also going to be some maps with support for choppers and jets, so it won’t all be infantry based combat as we perhaps saw with Aftermath.

Along with the new maps, there’s also going to be two new multiplayer modes to play, called Capture the Flag and Air Superiority, with the latter sounding pretty interesting. If you played Tank Superiority on Armored Kill, it should give you a basic idea of what to expect – 24 jet maps have apparently been confirmed already, with teams of 12 on each team fighting over three strategic air capture points.

The shot of the dirtbikes launching into the air looks particularly epic, so it looks like End Game is going to be well worth the wait and will give a whole new meaning to getting to a spawn point first before the enemy team. Check out the footage above and let us know your initial impressions of End Game.

Will this keep you busy until the Battlefield 4 beta later on this year?



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