Xbox 720 future with EA exclusivity deal

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2013

Things are really starting to get interesting now it seems. If you were wondering why EA didn’t show up at Sony’s PS4 press conference this past month, it could have been for good reasons. New rumors are suggesting that EA has struck a massive business arrangement with Microsoft to bring exclusive content to the next Xbox system.

We know what you are thinking – no more PlayStation Battlefield content first right? This could now be a possible outcome when Battlefield 4 arrives, with the game even releasing on the next Xbox first before PS4, or if that doesn’t happen – timed exclusives on all BF4 add-on content as we saw with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3.

The rumors have surfaced from CVG, who are treating this as fact and have said that it will be announced officially at Microsoft’s planned Xbox event on April 26. We did wonder at the time why EA wasn’t present at Sony’s event at all, considering the likes of Square-Enix, Ubisoft and Capcom were all there with brief reveals of their own.

Aside from Battlefield, it could also mean timed exclusive content for the likes of FIFA 2014 and maybe even Mirror’s Edge 2 dare we say it which is already thought to be in development by DICE. Imagine if Microsoft has managed to pull off a deal with EA, so that Battlefield 4 launches on the Xbox 720 before the PC and PS4 – that would obviously send shockwaves throughout the industry.

Let’s hope it just means timed-exclusive content for now and not actual full game releases not appearing on other platforms. It’s a shame things can’t stay neutral as we enter the next-gen phase, but then again – we all know that money talks. Next-gen COD and next-gen BF may now be tied to Microsoft on a shoe-string – give us your thoughts on this deal should it turn out to be real next month.

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  • ray24

    i hate this OMG > microsoft all ready hoggs almost most of the games PS had as exclusive to their line of games. But i hate to accept it duh, money talks so …. > and yes i believe ps4 is a better system to come so far.

  • aih

    as far as i know xbox will still have activision… and now EA.EA messed up MOH but it seems like other games like crysis and battlefieldbare getting better.

    • asdfuck

      You obviously didn’t play the first Crysis.

    • Stefan

      You probably didn’t watch the Sony Press Conference – on Activision’s new game ‘Destiny’, there is exclusive content on PS4 which, according to an Activision employee, everyone likes – what a god damn lie!

  • IronMaiden666

    I do play EA games like BF3,Mirrors Edge,Dead Space,Brutal Legend,and Need for Speed…I hope this isn’t true I’m a huge EA and Playstation fan and they seem to work really well together!…and I thought Activision said they are now partners with Playstation? So is it reversing now?

  • meh. I dont buy EA games anyway. ps4 will be the console to own next generation

  • tc

    if this is true i dont see the new xbox seling as well. too much hate for EA. i dont buy thier games now and given the deal will probably include a concession by microsoft to ban used EA games, it might just be this generation that gets a lot of people to switch to a PS4.

  • black wonder

    I wish it was neutral like the good old days, hopefully things won’t get to the point where platforms will only have playable games from their own private companies that will cost hundreds to buy.

    • ElectronicArse

      It will only hurt EA in the medium/long term. Yes, short term they see massive amounts of M$ money, but the profile of their games will simply have to fall. Especially their sports titles. I will simply have to go PES over FIFA, 2K over NBA LIve etc. It’s sort of win-win. EA get short term cash and decent devs get a greater market share. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to see an end to what EA has become?