Watch Dogs PC joy vs next-gen consoles

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2013

We have heard critics say that PC gaming will be dead as soon as the next-generation of home consoles arrive, but we’re here to tell you that this definitely isn’t the case just yet. Watch Dogs is being billed as one of the superior next-gen games on the way and PC owners will be very pleased to hear that Ubisoft has made the somewhat surprise move to make PC the lead platform for the game.

What this essentially means for Sony PS4 and future Xbox ‘720’ owners is that Watch Dogs will be ported to these consoles based on the PC version – not the other way around as we’ve seen in the past from previous Ubisoft games. Considering the animosity surrounding Ubisoft and the PC community, it’s a surprising outcome we have to say but obviously a pleasing one if it turns into a happy atmosphere in the end.

We told you after Sony’s PS4 event that the footage shown on February 20 on stage, was actually footage coming from the PC version. We still don’t know how the PS4 version will look like in comparison, but PC owners will be happy to hear that they should be getting the most superior version out of all of the platforms that Watch Dogs is due on – there’s quite a few.

While PC will be the lead platform for the highly anticipated open world adventure, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has also said that the PS4 will be a much easier system to port on, thanks to its PC-style architecture and unlike the PS3 which had a completely different setup and was known to be a problem for many developers.

PC owners may have not been interested in Watch Dogs before this, but we can bet that there are a few of you who are now taking notice. Will other developers follow Ubisoft and make the PC lead platform in other games due out on next-gen consoles? Give us your thoughts on this victory for the PC.

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  • ForcedtoTorrent

    Oh well, Ubisoft haven’t obviously heard of Torrents or they better have a VERY strong online multiplayer. I didn’t know they were gimping the consoles, so I’ll now be giving this one a miss. GTA V looks better anyway. Having said that, it did look like an intersting IP. Guess I’ll be buying GTA V for PS3 and downloading WD for FREE on PC about 5 minutes after release. Haha, when will devs wake up to the fact that PC games with no online multiplayer will just get torrented. PC gamers spend money on hardware, not software. Why would people pay for a port when the proper version of the game is free. Ubisoft need business advisors, not just PC fanboys working for them.