Google Glasses showed up on Ebay for $15k

If you watched some of the 2013 Oscars after party coverage, you may have seen a little cameo of the elusive Google Glasses tech, as briefly shown off by Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin’s wife. Now, we have had an additional sighting of the upcoming tech, as the Google Glasses have shown up on sale on online marketplace Ebay.

The Project Glass concept was due to go sale to developers at the end of last year, but so far that hasn’t happened. Google’s I/O conference is coming up in May though, so there are signs that this could be the event that Google finally decides to let developers have their own hands-on time with the innovative tech.

It is known that an asking price of $1500 will be needed for developers to get their hands on a pair of Google Glasses, with select developers already knowing if they have been chosen to participate in the initial rollout before a public release. With this in mind, an Ebay listing had been spotted recently, with one seller claiming that they were one of the selected individuals in line for a pair, but was willing to auction off the glasses for the right price.

We can tell you that the highest bid on the auction reached as high as $15,000 US at one point, but as of now – the auction has been abruptly ended and the information on the glasses is nowhere to be seen. The seller in question had been identified with the name “bla7kcat”, but we wonder if Google had possibly tracked him down to stop the sale from going through?

It goes without saying that it was a bit cheeky to even attempt to sell these off, but then again you could argue that if he or she was paying $1500 for a developer pair, then they are also entitled to make a profit on the purchase if they chose to. Let us know what you would do in the same situation if you had a pair of Google Glasses.

Would you keep them or try to sell them off for $15,000 too?



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