GTA V Vs Watch Dogs is a genuine battle

When we saw Watch Dogs for the very first time last year, it was already being billed as a viable competitor to Rockstar’s mighty GTA V game which was originally due out Spring 2013. Now that the game has been delayed until September though, there is now an added sense of rivalry between the two open world games, with Ubisoft recently admitting that they are aiming to directly compete with Rockstar’s game at the end of this year.

GTA V has now been penciled in for a solid release on September 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3. If you watched Sony’s PS4 event on February 20, you would have seen Ubisoft show off a brand new and very impressive demo of Watch Dogs, whilst at the same time confirming that the game is going to be a PS4 launch title during the Holiday 2013 period.

Watch Dogs is also releasing on PS3 don’t forget though, but GTA V will be the first game to release out of the two – meaning that Ubisoft really has their work cut out if they are going to convince fans that their game is the best one to pick up. One advantage that Watch Dogs will have over GTA V though, is that it will be available on a next-gen console, whereas we still do not know the next-gen fate surrounding Rockstar’s game.

Ubisoft exec Alain Corre has said that Watch Dog’s connectivity, interactivity and companion features will bring a certain amount of freshness to the open world genre, even adding that they could even benefit from the fact that Grand Theft Auto V is releasing first in the same period.

The footage we saw of Watch Dogs looks amazing, but then again the footage we’ve seen of GTA V on current-gen consoles looks really good as well. It’s fantastic that we now have two massive open world games to look forward to in the space of a few months, so where is your money going?

Will you pick up both GTA V and Watch Dogs, or just spend your hard earned $60 on one?



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