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Galaxy Note 8.0 vs. 10.1 and Tab 7 2.0 comparative differences

A couple of days ago during MWC Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8.0, and on that day we thought we would compare the new tablet against the iPad mini and the Nexus 7, as these will be its main competitors. However, we did suggest that the Note 8.0 fills a gap between the Note 2 and the 10.1, so it was only fair that we should compare this new tablet against the 10.1 but also the Tab 7 2.0 as well.

In the first comparison video you will get to see the Galaxy Note 8.0 and the 10.1 side-by-side, and it does not take a genius to see that the former is a lot more compact, which makes it thinner, lighter and much easier to carry around with you. However, it still has all the functionality of the larger tablet, although the 10.1 does have a 1.9-megapixel camera and also a flash, which the 8.0 has a 1.3-megapixel camera and lacks a flash.

In the second video we get to see how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 compares to the Tab 7 2.0. However, we need to point out that the latter is a lot cheaper and a different kind of tablet, but we still feel that the two should be compared against each other.

Seeing the two together really gives you an idea of how they cater for different markets, but we just hope that the price difference between the two is not that great, which would make it a much easier decision when you are in the market for buying a new tablet.

As yet Samsung has not announced the price or final release date for the Galaxy Note 8.0, but we do expect it to be in Q2, 2013.



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