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Future iPhone could have limited AI features

A recent patent from Apple has given hope that a future iPhone could have AI features, but only in a basic form. If Apple get their way then an iPhone would be able to sense its surroundings and then make a number of changes to its settings, which is done by sensing things such as the temperature, pressure, lighting and much more.

Okay, so we know that this is not the full on artificial intelligence that you were hoping for, but it’s a step in the right direction. There are already groups of clever engineers coming up with ways to make computers more aware, but the thought of them being as far advanced as what we have seen in Star Trek or the Terminator is a long way off. I wonder how many Apple haters would like the thought of a self aware Apple device?

Apple Insider has a number of illustrations of what this patent is all about, and one key feature that is pointed out is how the handset would be able to come out of sleep when the light changes. There are even settings that will allow the phone to play a particular song from your iTunes library when you remove the phone from your pants pocket in a certain way.

There are also some other features that could be of interest as well, such as if there is an extreme amount of ambient noise then the volume could turn itself up. Apple is calling this situational awareness and could also be an ideal technology to use in the much-rumored iWatch. Do you think this is another one of those patents Apple has just to cover themselves?



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