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Sony PS4 FPS clues from Killzone benchmarks

One of the most impressive aspects of Sony’s PS4 announcement event was undoubtedly the unveiling of Killzone: Shadow Fall – the next-gen PS4 title on the way from Guerilla Games. The game looked very impressive indeed from the demo that we saw live on stage, but we do have some interesting details to share with you after further analysis on the demo has been completed.

What we saw from the first look of Killzone: Shadow Fall, was a game that looked significantly better than the majority of Sony’s entire PS3 library put together and a game that can probably be defined as PS4 next-gen quality – at last. If you were also impressed by the quality of graphics on show, you may be intrigued to find out that the game could have been running at 30p FPS only, but at 1080p resolution.

The guys over at Digital Foundry have completed an analysis of the same Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 demo and have concluded that the footage shown at the event was running at a solid and constant 30FPS at 1080p. Perhaps more importantly though, they have also made a bold statement claiming that 30FPS is likely to be the console standard for next-generation consoles.

It’s no secret that 720p games at 30FPS would be unacceptable for the next generation of games, but would you be happy with a constant 30FPS across all titles as long as they are bumped up to 1080p visuals as a mandatory requirement? The Killzone footage looks fantastic don’t forget and if that’s what is capable with 30FPS and 1080p, then we definitely wouldn’t have a problem seeing the same format used by other developers.

Was it perhaps too much to ask to demand 60FPS and 1080p for all PS4 games? Digital Foundry are not often wrong in their analysis, so let us know what you think of their statement saying that 30FPS will be the standard for next-gen consoles.



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