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Predicting iPad 5 form factor with latest cases

Having recently reported that the iPad 5 will have a form factor not dissimilar to the mini, a recent leak showing new iPad 5th-generation cases seems to confirm this. However, as always we need to take this at face value, because it is just another rumor.

There are now several iPad 5 cases doing the rounds, and while more often than not such cases tend to be way off the mark, we saw last year with the iPhone 5 that these third-party accessory manufactures can also be on the money as well.

If you look over these rumored iPad 5 cases then you can see that all the holes to give access to ports and switches are roughly where they are on the current iPad mini, although accounting for the larger form factor of the larger Apple tablet of course.

This is not the first time that such cases have leaked, so one has to wonder if Apple will be making an announcement soon? The release date of the iPad 5 is still unknown, but rumors of a March release look very unlikely. However, there is news that we could be looking at a June release. If this is true then maybe this is the reason why those manufactures are already investing in the iPad 5 now?

Let’s say that this is true, you have to wonder if Apple will pay the price for releasing their third iPad in 18 months, not including the iPad mini? However, Apple needs to do something as sales of their full size tablet seems to be falling when compared to the smaller version.

One of the main reasons for this has to be the price, as Apple has shown that they can still release a decent quality iPad while keeping the price down. However, we cannot see Apple reducing the price of the 5th-generation iPad when they know that users want some of the latest features in mobile technology.



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