BlackBerry Z10 SIM not detected problems

By Peter Chubb - Feb 26, 2013

If I were to go back a couple of years I can remember having a recurring issue with the iPhone 4, because on a regular basis it showed “no SIM installed” and every time I took it back to Apple it did not happen, so had to live with the problem.

Well it seems as though this issue is back, but this time on some BlackBerry Z10 handsets. No matter how many times these affected people clean their SIM tray they still get the message “SIM not detected” on any provider.

In one Forum thread some of those who are experiencing these issues have tried a different SIM just to satisfy their curiosity, but they still get that message. Some users first assumed that it was software related, but it’s more hardware now, so if you are having this problem with your BlackBerry Z10 then you should take it back to where you purchased it from.

Thankfully some owners have already been back to their seller where the handsets was replaced, so it seems as though they know that it is an issue with hardware. We wonder how many more units will be affected by this defect, and if it could delay the launch of the Z10 in the US until BlackBerry can identify what is causing the issue?

We are hearing of several other issues, although these do not seem to be as bad as the one mentioned above. Some Blackberry Z10 users have been complaining of crackling when using Bluetooth, dropped calls, blank screen when opening apps, and even the phone freezing.

Have you had any issues with the Z10, and if so were you able to overcome these or did you have to take your handset back?

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  • Mark

    HI yes my wifes z10 is constantly disconecting the email from the server! So no matter how many times you re enter the password is just then disconects. So she has no e mail. Also it’s freezing, blank screens, un responsive screen, battery life is really terrible! All of this after three weeks and Orange are refusing to take the phone back!

  • Herve Shango

    don’t even know why people give a damn about the bb z10

    • SloppyMagic

      only because its currently the best phone you can buy. Lemme guess, you’re an iSheep right? You really owe it to yourself to try a Z10, its so far ahead of iPhone and Android in sheer useablility. I’ve used them all and there is no comparison really.

      • Herve Shango

        if i am sheep why the hell are you even replying dumb fool its my opinion douche bag, if i want to saying something coming from mind why not silly old guy commenting on web with no life