Sony PS4 games focus on digital, not physical discs

By Alan Ng - Feb 25, 2013

If it was not evident that Sony were making a big push towards a digital distribution future with the PS3, a recent interview from Sony suggests that there is going to be an even greater emphasis on digital content with the newly announced PS4 console, which will go on sale at the end of the year in the US.

Sony’s Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has been giving all kinds of additional PS4 information out following on from the company’s event. We heard how he revealed that the PS3 DualShock3 controller wouldn’t be compatible with the PS4 hardware, and now we have another important nugget of information for you to digest.

When speaking to The Guardian recently, Yoshida has said for the first time that every single PS4 game will be available as a digital download from the PlayStation Store, followng on from a similar format that they used with the PS Vita and their digital titles aside to physical releases on PS Vita game cards.

Yoshida added that while every game will be available as a digital download, only ‘some’ would be available on Blu-Ray disc, although this part of his statement may have been lost in translation – something to bear in mind before you start getting worried.

He also touted the possibility of introducing ‘attractive packages’ for consumers, including the words subscription models and the mention of Gaikai as well, tied into possible subscription based content. Perhaps the key line of a particular quote came though when he said this: “With one subscription you have access to thousands of games – that’s our dream”.

While the idea of having a backup digital copy of every single game is pleasng, are you a bit worried about the new subscripton packages that they are inevitably going to introduce once the PS4 is out? We have a feeling that backwards PS3 compatibility with Gaikai is not going to be free, so Sony really needs to make this very appealing to current PS3 owners if they are going to win everyone over with the transition to next-gen.

What are your thoughts on the new monetization ideas that Sony clearly has in line for you with the PS4?

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  • BritishAssassin

    YEY! Because I always wanted to waste my hard drive space! *sarcasm*

  • I’m not bothered by downloadable games. They do release large video games currently in the PS3 store. It will cut down on cost to the consumer and to our environment. My only concern about having to download games is my current provider has a cap on our download that would not realistically support the size of games. I would like a discount for purchasing online as a motivation since in theory, it would cost less to produce.

  • JT

    This completely contradicts an article on IGN. There’s is titled “PS4: Sony Sees a Disc-Based Future” and explains why discs will be the primary delivery for games on the PS4.
    I really want to know what I’m getting before I buy it. I can see smaller studios that make shorter, inexpensive games only available via download but if the major studios aren’t releasing AAA games on disc then I don’t want to have anything to do with the PS4.

    • Pretty sure all they mean is that instead of just some retail games being available on PSN like it is now ALL retail games will be available online. Small PSN exclusive titles already exist on the online store, you wouldn’t expect those games to get disc releases would you? Especially games released by independent developers who can’t afford to manufacture discs. This just means every title will be available online but like it’s always been the small titles will remain download exclusive.