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Latest Tesla Model S car reviews entice opinion

There has been a huge amount of news in regards to the Tesla Model S because of the infamous review that pretty much tore the vehicle apart, but most of us who believe in this technology knew otherwise. Okay, so we know that the electric vehicle still has a way to go, but this is a step in the right direction.

Since that New York Times report we’ve seen a number of car reporters wishing to share their thoughts, and these latest Tesla Model S car reviews will entice your opinion. We cannot only see how these vehicles get on in the real world, but also one of the main features of the interior as well.

In one of the videos that we have for you above the reviewer wanted to show you how well the car performed when traveling from Las Vegas the LA, but there was an issue along the way that makes for an exiting video review. What happens proves that there are still many issues to be ironed out, not only to the Model S itself, but also the supercharger stations as well.

Latest Tesla Model S car reviews entice opinion

The second Model S video that we found on YouTube is another real world rest and begins like some a Paranormal Activity movie, although after a minute or so becomes a little more normal. While you’ll see that there are several issues with the car, it’s still a livable car, although with certain limitations.

Our final video takes you through some of the basic features of the Tesla Model S center console, which is the main hub of the interior. At the end of the day your final decision will come down to a number of factors; first of all you have to remember that this is not a long distance car, unless there are plenty of charging stations along the way – although even if there is it could be an issue if these stations are busy.

However, the biggest factor is the price, because it’s a lot to pay for a vehicle that is not very practical at this time.



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