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Barnes & Noble Nook HD 2nd-gen release unlikely

Later this week we could hear some bad news from Barnes & Noble, as it’s very likely that they will move away from the hardware business to concentrate more on what they are all about, and that’s to make more of their content accessibly to other devices instead. If this is the case then it is highly unlikely that we will see the release of the Nook HD 2ng-gen, but is this really a huge shock?

Having said that, it does seem strange because not so long along Barnes & Noble were saying that tablets were the future for the company, so hearing this recent news does seem to go against that strategy. NY Times reports that the reason for this U-turn will have something to do with the less than impressive sales over the recent quarter, which also included the Holiday Season.

We had assumed that sales of the Nook HD were very high as tablet sales over Christmas saw a huge surge, but even though the HD tablet of Barnes & Noble received rave reviews when it was first released, this never helped over Christmas because rival tablets benefited instead.

If the largest book chain in the US does work at bringing their content to more devices then this could be more profitable in the long run, and will take far less resources than trying to develop and release new hardware.

The biggest issue for the Nook HD is that it does not have as much to offer as the Kindle Fire HD, the Nexus 7 or even the iPad mini. Barnes & Noble could of went back to the drawing board and come up with a 2nd-generation Nook HD to increase it specs, but this was a game they knew they were unable to win.

Will you be surprised if Barnes & Noble get out of the tablet business?



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