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iPhone 5 apps for tech enthusiasts, meet Kickstarter

You may see from time to time that we cover a variety of products that are trying to get backing in the hope that they can get released, although they need financial backing first. The Kickstarter project is such an awesome service, and if it were not for the website then we would not have seen the release of several iconic products, with the Pebble: E-Paper Watch and the OUYA video games console just two examples.

If you are on the look out for iPhone 5 apps for tech enthusiasts then meet the Kickstarter app. To some of you it is not only important to keep an eye on new projects, but current ones that you have backed, just to see if they are going to reach their goal, and this app does just that.

Those who like this project just love how the website has progressed over the years, and Kickstarter has taken that experience and adapted it to the new app, which is also available for the iPod touch for free HERE. However, several changes had to be made to make it much simpler to navigate this app, so has been broken down into three categories, Finding projects, Following projects and Creator tools.

The first is to find new projects that are on the go, you can do this by browsing a category or by popularity. The second is to follow the projects that you have already backed, giving you updates as to its progress. Finally the third category is allowing you to manage your own project direct from your iPhone or iPod touch.

We’ve asked several friends and they actually prefer the Kickstarter app rather than the website, so where do you stand?



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