Final Fantasy PS4 tease fails to excite

By Alan Ng - Feb 21, 2013

Among all of the new Sony PS4 reveals that many of you saw during the two hour event in New York just hours ago, you would have undoubtedly witnessed the moment that Square-Enix took to the stage. We thought it would be the moment when we would finally see some new gameplay or some screenshots of a new Final Fantasy game in the works, but unfortunately we have to say that the appearance of the Japanese developer failed to deliver on the excitement levels.

It’s true, a new Final Fantasy game is coming to the Sony PS4, but we could all shut our eyes and say that this would have been inevitable down the line at some stage on a brand new console anyway. We almost feel hard done by though after Square-Enix gave the most bare minimum of details ever seen at a major gaming event.

Shinji Hashimoto appeared on the stage dressed in a very smart suit and tie, and then proceeded to reveal that the team are developing a new Final Fantasy game for the PS4. Rather than share a trailer, the name of the Final Fantasy title or even a single still image, all we received is a tease telling us to wait until E3 2013 in June.

We’re not sure about you, but it almost left a sour taste in our mouths. We did see a trailer for Agni’s Philosophy highlighting the Luminous Engine that will be used on the PS4, but it is the same tech demo that a lot of Final Fantasy fanatics have already seen last year.

Is all hope lost on the slim chances of a Final Fantasy VII remake appearing on PS4? Will Final Fantasy Versus XIII end up on the new hardware instead of PS3 to coincide with recent rumors? We’ll now have to wait until June to hopefully find out some of these answers.

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  • I want to see final Fantasy 7-2

  • Barkermn01

    Ha, Everyone knows that FFXIII Versus was coming out same for FF15 FF14 Remake (might i add that remake is one of order by a long way) and hype about FF7 remake is dieing down and the fact the FFXIII has beaten FF7 in a lot of ways perhaps this is the E3 announcement something there so good at keeping secret up till now perhaps thats the wind up