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Apple iTunes problems shared by fed up users

Apple had updated iTunes a couple of days ago and while they did fix a few bugs and also offer a few new features, there is a growing number of iTunes problems that are shared by fed up users. We say this because some of the issues that these users have been experiencing are ones that have been known to Apple for a while now.

We were contacted yesterday by one very unhappy iTunes user who said that the latest update, iTunes 11.0.2 had removed the ability to use drop box for his CD cover. This means that he is no longer able to scan a copy of his CD cover and then drop it into his playlist.

That’s not all what has gone, there was once four viewing options for the album cover, this has now been reduced to just one. We also have to agree; we have not liked the look of iTunes 11 since it was first released. Okay, so we know that things change, but we don’t have to be happy about it.

Personally I’m like many other iTunes users who are unhappy that Apple did away with Cover Flow, it’s as if they try to offer innovate features, but do not consider what the user wants. It would be nice to have the choice of sticking with some of the older features.

Looking on Apple Discussion we can see that several members were hoping that the recent iPod Classic sync issue was resolved, and while it was looking good, after a while the sync froze.

Thanks for the tip Colin.

What other issues have you experienced with iTunes 11.0.2?



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