iTunes 11.0.2 update resolves recent problems

By Peter Chubb - Feb 20, 2013

If you are one of those who only use iTunes here and there, then chances are you would not even have known that there were several issues with the latest version. However, there were problems, which is why Apple felt the need to resolve them with 11.0.2 update. We’re told that this version will offer several enhancements along with several bug fixes as well.

With the previous version some users were complaining that it could not handle large playlists, so it was all too obvious that Apple needed to make that one of the features they needed to address. Don’t think that iTunes 11.0.2 update brings with it a multitude of new features, as this is just an incremental release, much like iOS 6.1.2, which we’ll discuss later today.

Another new feature is how there is a new Composer view for Music and in regards to those bug fixes we mentioned above, you can now see all purchases in iTunes. The size of this update is just 54.2MB, so will take no time at all.

While this is only a minor upgrade, there was hope that Apple would resolve the issue within iTunes Match, as some users are still complaining a huge number of their CDs are not being recognized in the UK. We’d love to know if this is an isolated issue or a more widespread one?

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  • codebasher

    Looks like Apple didn’t test 11.0.2 too much, since upgrading to 11.0.2 my Music Library folder in root of itunes keeps getting corrupted and reset to empty with no personal playlist and no music……

    Three times I have to copy a previous backed up music library file back to itunes-root

    So buggy still……..