Final Fantasy X HD PS Vita tease lacked release date

By Alan Ng - Feb 20, 2013

We finally have an update on the missing Final Fantasy X HD game to share with you now, but it is perhaps not the big reveal that many of you were expecting to hear. Square-Enix recently teased that more information would be coming soon, but unfortunately we still don’t have a release date to bring you, which is what everyone badly needs in the first place.

What we do have though is promise from Square-Enix that the game is still definitely on the way and also confirmation that the PS Vita version of the game is looking fairly decent. The company used the recent PS Vita web presentation event earlier this week to show off some images of the PS Vita game in action, giving us a basic idea of the updated visuals on offer showing Tidus and Yuna on screen.

It looks very pretty we have to say, but we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that a few still screens was all we received. There was no actual gameplay of say a battle for demonstration purposes on the PS Vita and as mentioned above – no solid release date either. It means that we still don’t know if the game is definitely coming out on PS3 and Vita in 2013 and if the game will feature any sort of cross-platform features between each other.

We didn’t even see the state of the PS3 version either, with Square-Enix just opting to show off the PS Vita version on this occasion. It goes without saying that there is a massive amount of pressure on Square-Enix to deliver with the game, which is probably the main reason why they are taking so long to drop any substantial details on the game.

Were you disappointed with the minimal Final Fantasy X HD reveal this week? No gameplay or anything was a bit of a low blow we have to say after previously waiting so long after the initial TGS reveal.

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    final fantasy X on vita is why i bought a vita to begin with, now i find myself getting to REBUY psp games, downloading ps1 games, there are crap for games on the vita, at this point, sony needs to make a decision, either doing some real marketting on the vita or discontinue the dang thing and move on with the ps4

    • just_booty

      Persona 4 Golden is an amazing vita game even if you’ve played the original this game has tons of extra features.