Battlefield 4 gameplay already shown to some

It looks like a Battlefield 4 gameplay reveal is just around the corner. We know that the game is going to be released sometime in March 2014, which also means that the next entry in EA’s popular franchise is going to show up on the next-generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. While March 2014 is still obviously a year away, it appears that the game is already being shown off behind closed doors to a few lucky individuals.

One of these individuals just happens to be the CEO of GameStop, as J Paul Raines couldn’t contain his excitement by revealing on Twitter to the world that he had just witnessed Battlefield 4 in the flesh, conceding that he was ‘wowed’ by what he saw. His Twitter message was then retweeted by EA, suggesting that the publisher doesn’t mind the word starting to spread about their next game on the way.

That tells us that they already have a build of the game ready to show off at the likes of E3 2013, which takes place in June. Because of the next-gen consoles supposedly due out at the end of 2013, it suggests that the portion of gameplay that the GameStop CEO witnessed, could have been running on next-gen consoles – or on PC of course.

If you picked up a copy of Medal of Honor Warfighter, then don’t forget that your entry to the Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta has already been confirmed. With the game due out in March 2014, you have to assume that the beta will be starting towards the end of 2013, to give enough time for DICE to implement any changes necessary.

On a side note, we wonder if Sony’s upcoming PS4 reveal on Wednesday will also dish out a few potential details on Battlefield 4 ahead of any exclusive agreements. While Microsoft are courting Activision with Xbox related content for Call of Duty, it is the PS3 that has had first dibs on Battlefield 3 content before any other platforms.

What are your thoughts on the fact that some lucky suit and tie execs have already had a glimpse of Battlefield 4? Are you expecting big things from the first Battlefield game on a next gen console? A constant 60fps would be lovely.



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