Sony PS4 could coincide with current-gen price cut

It is almost a forgone conclusion that this week will finally see Sony unveil the highly anticipated PS4 console to the world. They have an event scheduled for Wednesday 20 February and have been providing a trip back to memory lane over the weekend with a retrospective look back at the life of the PS2 in a series of video teases.

While a PS4 reveal would be an obvious highlight for everyone watching, many gamers are eager to see what will happen to the future of the PS3, especially since it is rumored that the next-gen console will not have support for used-games or PS3 format discs. With that in mind, the PS3 is still going to be the primary console of choice for many disappointed gamers, and now we hear that Sony may be willing to accomodate those staying on current-gen with a brand new price cut.

That man again Michael Pachter has gone on record to say that a new PS3 price cut is on the way and was even confident enough to say that this would be happening on February 21 – the day after Sony’s expected PS3 reveal. He believes that the new PS3 price will enter at $199 and should be effective in stores and online following the end of this week.

The question is though, would a $199 PS3 be a reasonable price point for you though considering that the PS4 is now on the way? We can’t stress how big of a blow it would be if the next console really does block PS3 disc and used games support. All the answers will be revealed on Wednesday and we honestly can’t wait to see what Sony has up their sleeves after all of the speculation.

Are you planning to buy the PS4 at launch, or are more interested in keeping hold of your PS3 until the time is right?



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