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Microsoft Surface Pro Stylus functionality under pressure

The delay of the Microsoft Surface Pro is not the only problems with the device, as not only do we have to contend with poor stock control since its release but also the compatibility issues with its stylus as well. Over the past week or so those who have purchased the latest device from Redmond have been complaining that the stylus has not been doing the job they had hoped.

Not all but a select number of Surface Pro users have found that the stylus pen was working fine to begin with, but after the Pro went to sleep it no longer works. It seems that the pen is not being detected by the display; several owners have tried to restart and even restore their devices to no avail.

Microsoft was made aware of this issue and suggested that the driver for the stylus be uninstalled and reinstalled again. This issue seemed to work fine, but we wonder why such an issue occurred in the first place? You cannot say that installing third-party software would be the cause, as that would put limits on the Surface Pro.

There seems to be another issue and this time it’s with the pressure sensitivity and eraser while using Photoshop, as it does not seem to function correctly. We all know that there are times when you need a pen to react to sensitive inputs, so you can make the tiniest of adjustments in your Photoshop project, so this is a bit of an issue for Microsoft.

Maybe this is an age-old issue with Microsoft and the incompatibility issues with some hardware? We’d love to know if you have had the same issues with the stylus, or have you been experiencing other problems with the Surface Pro?

One of the main issues that cannot be resolved just yet is with the poor battery performance of the Surface Pro. This certainly limits how you use the device, and we are not even certain if a software update will be able to resolve the issue. However, because of the high-end specs and a price that seems pretty reasonable we are sure that these teething problems will not put people off – well positive pre-order numbers seems to prove that.



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