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Nexus 4 Wireless Charger lacks practicality, 4 hour charging

Since LG and Google released their joint venture, the Nexus 4, many of us had wondered how long it would be before they released the wireless charger that goes with it. That was answered a week ago when Nexus 4 owners could finally get their hands on the Orb as it was dubbed.

The funny thing is from the start it was as though we had seen it all before with the Touchstone dock from Palm. The idea behind this accessory is to be able to charge your Nexus 4 wirelessly, but some users have already started to complain, as it lacks practicality.

There are two reasons for this, the first is that it will take 4 hours to charge a depleted Nexus 4, and secondly, it’s not wireless when you have to plug the dock in then place your handset on the charger.

We no doubt expect some of you to argue that you have to plug your router into a wall socket so that’s not wireless either, but then you don’t have to sit your device directly on top in order to gain access to the Internet now do you.

However, with all said and done it’s still far better than the alternative, and there’s also the fact that many of us use such a device to charge our Apple Magic Mouse.



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