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Samsung Galaxy S4 processor rumors, specs confusion

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4, we know that the rumors will become more regular and more confusing the closer we get to its expect unveil and final release date. The latest is in regards to the processor, but it does add to the confusion of those ever-growing specs.

The reason we say this is because we recently reported on a Galaxy S4 benchmark test, which not only reveled some interesting details, but also the CPU that will be doing all the work as well. However, this could simply be a test device – well if we are to take some of the other rumored processors into consideration.

It was only last month during CES 2013 that Samsung was showing off their Exynos 5 Octa, many of us wondered why they wanted to show the new processor off at that event, and that’s when many websitesspeculated that it could be used in the Galaxy S4. However, we expected that CPU could be used in the Galaxy Note 3 instead.

So what other processor could be used? Well the latest news would suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 could make use of the quad-core Exynos 5440, as reported here. You might wonder why Samsung would downgrade the S4 from 8 cores to four, but surely they would want to use their highest spec CPU for the Note 3, which as we know will be an even more powerful device and the fact that price has to be taken into consideration as well?

Whatever processor Samsung choose to power their Galaxy S4 we should find out for sure in March, when the unveil is expected. However, let’s hope before then that Sammy releases a teaser video just so we can review over the tiniest of detail.



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