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Google X (Motorola) Phone: Rumors of incomparable specs

It’s pretty certain by now that the Motorola made Google X Phone will be announced in May 2013 during the I/O Developer Conference. If this were the case then surly a release date would follow shortly after, as this would be ideal to go up against the Samsung Galaxy S4, and could give them the jump on the iPhone 5S?

You might look back in the past and believe that Motorola does not have what it takes to rival the new flagship Galaxy S handset, but recent rumors of incomparable specs on the Google X Phone does make us think otherwise – well if we are to believe what has been supposedly leaked.

Some of those new specifications are said to include monster storage, a flexible display (which could also be seen on the Galaxy S4) along with a long-lasting battery never before seen on a smartphone. It’s also suggested that the front and rear camera will be high-end, which could make it perfect for taking video calls, while also competing with the Nokia Lumia 920 as well.

As always this is all mere speculation, but what has us most interested is one of the new features is said to be a new mobile OS that has not been seen before. Could this mean that the Google X Phone might come with Key Lime Pie, or a totally new OS?

Having already been told that this is no Nexus Phone, could this new handset from Motorola be the concept of a new line of handsets to compete with the Nexus range, or are we reading too much into this?



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