Samsung GALAXY Smartwatch features needed

With all the news surrounding the proposed Apple iWatch, it was only a matter of time before those Samsung GALAXY Smartwatch rumors surfaced once again. However, there is much more than mere speculation now, as some leaked images have appeared online, which could be the new GALAXY Smartwatch, supposedly named Altius.

With the device looking more of a reality because of these leaked screenshots, this has made us wonder as to what GALAXY Smartwatch features are needed. We have no doubt that if this device is the real deal then Samsung will be able to compete with the rumored iWatch, you only have to look at how the Galaxy S3 has been able to compete with the iPhone 5 to know that the South Korean company has what it takes.

Even before we look over what features are needed, the Samsung GALAXY Smartwatch price is going to be a major factor in it’s success, but when you look at the competitive price of the GALAXY Camera, we have no doubt that it will be affordable.

The most important feature is how the device will look; it’s no good having an amazing product but then giving a look that the public will not like. While many of you may not like Apple and what they stand for, you cannot take it away from them, they have a great design department and you can be sure that if the iWatch exists it will look truly amazing.

One of the key features to this new bread of mobile devices is being able to monitor your body, as this would make it an ideal product for those who love to keep fit. However, it could also persuade you to get fit as well. Then there is being able to keep an eye on your notes and remiders without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket or handbag.

No doubt when the first Samsung GALAXY (Altius ) Smartwatch review lands it will take a close look at battery life, because if the device drains quickly it will not be well received because we are not used to charging watches. Samsung should try not to make this a small phone, but rather an extension of your current or future handset.

We’d love to see the GALAXY Smartwatch unveiled at the same time as the Galaxy S4, but if it does exist then it could be delayed until the release of the Galaxy Note 3 instead.

What features would you like to see incorporated into the rumored Samsung GALAXY Smartwatch?



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