Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmark reveals key specs

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2013

With so many Galaxy S4 rumors popping up lately, it’s nice to not beat around the bush and bring you some actual information for you to get excited about this week. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has apparently turned up in a series of official benchmarks, tests that have revealed two key features of the device that consumers will be very interested in hearing about.

We’ve all heard the rumors on how the Galaxy S4 may feature a Super AMOLED display in the region of 5-inches, as well as adventurous rumors suggesting that the next Galaxy may even be in line for an upgrade to Samsung’s new Octa Exynos 5 processor line. The only problem here is that these are still very thin rumors, but these benchmarks could be the best and the most accurate information we’ve had on potential specs so far.

If the latest benchmarks from Nenamark are to be believed, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be equipped with a 1.9Ghz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, as well as Qualcomm Adreno 320GPU based graphics. The device has been identified as SCH-I545, which is in line with previous models in the Galaxy family, since the Galaxy S3 has a model number of SCH-I535.

Other juicy information to come out of the benchmark confirms that the Galaxy S4 will have a 1080p HD quality display screen, although the exact materials used or size of the display is still up for discussion. As expected, Android 4.2 is running during the tests, although there is still the possibility of the final version shipping with the next version of Android – thought to be 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Assuming the benchmark is legit, are you a bit disappointed to see that there isn’t an Octa processor on board? We always thought it was a bit of a longshot anyway, but there’s always hope that the Galaxy Note 3 could be in line for the upgrade instead. It feels like a unveil is just around the corner – is the Galaxy S4 your next smartphone purchase hands down, or do you have your eyes on something else this year?

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottom line here the Galaxy S3 came to the States with the Snapdragon S4 dualcore chip in 2012. While the Galaxy Note 2 came with the Exynos 4 4412 quadcore cortex A9 and boy what a difference in performance it is. The Galaxy S4 needs to arrive here in the States with the Exynos 5 Octa not the Snapdragon S4 600 or 800 Exynos works well with LTE so NO EXCUSES NOW. Unless this is how Samsung seperates it’s own brand Snapdragon for Galaxy S line handsets and Exynos 5 Octa for the Galaxy Note family devices. This would concern me if i was waiting on the Galaxy S4 in May / June 2013

  • Until they have improved battery life octo is nothing more then an extra drain for no valid reason at this point in time.

  • Danny Dodge

    If the s4 doesn’t have the octacore I’m going for note3, this new technology intrigues me