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Office for iPad, price for no 2013 release

If you own an iPhone or iPad then one app that has eluded you is Office for iOS. While many of us hope that Microsoft will make this available soon, we would assume that they would be rushing a release sooner rather than later, considering that the long delay has cost them an estimated $2.5 billion so far. If they fail with their Surface Pro and RT, then they are going to need all the money they can get.

Microsoft is sure to pay the price if they do not release Office for iOS or even Android come to that matter. It’s no secret that the Redmond based company is already working on a version of their Office software to make it available as an iOS app, but we still have no idea on a release date just yet, although we assume that it should be pretty soon now – well looking at those figures anyway.

Speaking of those figures, ZDNet reports that Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt calculated them, and they do make for a good argument, and that would be what is taking Microsoft so long? iOS users want it, and surely Microsoft’s investors will do too once they see these figures.

It will be interesting to see if Office for iOS will be released during the iOS 6 life cycle, or will Microsoft wait until the release of iOS 7? While there are already free and paid alternatives to Office on the App Store, they are nowhere near as good as the real thing. However, the issue that we foresee is the price, as it’s expected that Office for the iPad and iPhone could cost around $60.



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