Nexus 4, 7 stock availability checker with Google Maps

The recent Nexus 7 stock issues were the real deal and not due to only sending out limited stock like Microsoft has done with the Surface Pro. LG and Google have been working hard to get on top of things and trying to increase Nexus 4 availability.

Consumers have been visiting websites and also heading down to their local retailer in the hope that they have an update on Nexus 4 and even Nexus 7 stock. However, help is at hand to make the process of checking stock much easier thanks to the use of Google Maps.

Using these new Google Maps URLs you will be able to find the location of your nearest retailer stocking the Nexus 4 smartphone and 7 tablet. All you need to do is enter your address and you will see results appear from 5–50 miles from your location.

We thought we would give the URL a go and found that only T-Mobile is stocking the Nexus 4, but more retailers should appear once more stock becomes available – whenever that will be. What would really be cool if Google could offer a stock alert for those wanting a new Nexus 4, this could be linked to their Google Play account.

It’s no wonder that the Nexus 4 is selling out so quickly because a review of the specs shows that it is more than capable of holding its own against the other high-end smartphones on the market, as well as the price being very competitive.

Since its release date the Nexus 4 has been in and out of stock, and there has even been issues with its accessories, with the wireless charger only becoming available recently.

It’s not just the USA who is having Nexus 4 stock issues, as the UK and all across Europe are also experiencing the same issues. For a Nexus 4 stock update visit here and Nexus 7 stock checker here.



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